Construct Readiness Assessments and Gap analysis in minutes.

Publish. Job done.

Easy to collaborate. Easy to engage. Easy to identify focus areas.


Visual aided reporting is maybe the most important element in pre and post engagement.

  • Dialler’s are used to visually present the report.

  • Weighting of the answers are summed up and normalised to 100%.

  • Thresholds are defined below - segmenting the dialler in red, amber and green for the Assessment.

Add insights into every section of the Assessment

  • The thresholds defined for the report are applied to each section.

  • Provide a insights for each section threshold which is aligned with the message received by the assessee depending on the scoring.

Result: Clear helicopter view of the Assessment

  • The construct is a visual report allowing a snapshot of focus areas across the sections displaying your insights on thresholds.

From start to finish in a matter of minutes!

Personalise the Self assessment home page with the online editor including a client logo.

Edit the form field text to suit your requirements on the login and registration forms.

Customise the conclusion page after the Assessment or Gap analysis is completed with next steps or follow up actions.

Personalise the email delivering the Report after the assessment is completed.

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